The Gallery MOLITORIS in Hamburg, Germany and the J+A GALLERY , UAE in Dubai now present ato klaus in their program and will offer this nice design to their customers.

ato klaus is a stool-design created by the artist. It was awarded a design prize in Vienna in 2010. This object is transforming African stool tradition into contemporary design. It gives you a comfortable, anatomically perfect seat that straightens  your back while you relax.

ato klaus is a unique design piece. It is a handmade object built from different materials and is available in various colors as you can find it on this website. Being produced in Ethiopia it helps to create jobs for locals.

ato klaus offers a great flexibility as you can sit on all sides at three different heights making it a great day to day companion around your home and can be used as a basket to store firewood or newspapers or as a low side table.

ato klaus is available in two sizes which can be used as a set one fitting into the other.

I am very glad to announce the new ato klaus vendors in Hamburg and Dubai.